Emma Roberts’ Response to Theory That Lea Michele Can’t Read Is Going Viral

Emma Roberts at last tended to the fan scheme that her companion and previous Shout Sovereigns co-star Lea Michele can’t peruse.

During her new appearance on Bravo Watch Happens Live facilitated by Andy Cohen, the show segued into virtual meetings with questions straightforwardly from fans. Also, when one curious soul asked Roberts for the greatest “misguided judgment about Lea Michele,” the 31-year-old entertainer battled to respond to the inquiry.

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All things being equal, she spouted about her buddy, uncovering that watching Michele, 36, perform on Broadway made her cry, “She’s so sensible, so skilled, and [she] merits all that she’s getting with all the ‘Interesting Young lady’ acclaim.”

After her strong little discourse finished, Cohen returned again to the first inquiry with a reaction: “The greatest misinterpretation is that she can’t peruse,” he said with a shrug, pushing for a solution to the years-old hypothesis coursing online entertainment stages, as TikTok and Twitter, recommending that the previous Happiness star can’t peruse or compose.

“Well,” Roberts said, smiling, “I’m mean, we’ve not been in a book club together, yet,” she kidded.

“No, she’s-” Roberts murmured before her visitor star on the show, Current Family alum Julie Bowen, 52, cut her off.

“Why is perusing so significant?” Bowen intruded, closing, “Let her not read assuming that is what she needs.”

Soon after the episode broadcasted on Jan. 24, the clasp did numbers online with numerous YouTube remarks accepting Roberts’ explanation as strict and just further powering that the entertainer is uneducated.

“She still can’t seem to demonstrate that she can peruse… I’m simply saying,” one client asserted.

“Still no firm disavowals about Lea Michele’s understanding skill. Not even from Lea herself I think. How about we move this talk along,” one more expected.

Michele dismissed the scheme that she can’t peruse or compose when it previously showed up in 2018. Notwithstanding, following the news that the entertainer would make a beeline for supplant Beanie Feldstein as Fanny Brice in the melodic approximately based off Brice’s life, the hypothesis tracked down a resurgence in prominence.

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She has since denied the talk, and in Sept. 2022, told the New York Times the cases were established in sexism. “I went to ‘Joy’ each and every day; I knew my lines each and every day. And afterward there’s gossip online that I can’t peruse or compose? It’s miserable. It truly is. I think frequently in the event that I were a man, a ton of this wouldn’t be the situation.”

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